New Year’s Resolution

January 18th, 2011 Photography

Mine is to take more photos.

I’ve been searching online for the past few days for inspiration and things to encourage me to take my camera out more often. Since I’ve found a few that I like, and there are probably others that would enjoy these, I thought I’d share.

Most recently, a post by Scott Bourne at photofocus, is a project I intend to work on through out the year. His list of 20 ideas is wonderful, and my plan is to shoot one idea a month at minimum, and hopefully shoot all 20 ideas before 2012. You can see all of his ideas here.

Contest are also something that I find helpful to get me going. Popular Photography has the monthly Your Best Shot contest, which is something I should start submitting too regularly, but it doesn’t provide any kind of creative spark. Getting a photo published in there magazine would be wonderful though. If you like shooting outdoors and nature, Outdoor Photographer is holding the 2nd Annual Great Outdoors Photo Contest, which is a bit more focused, but still doesn’t provide what I sometimes need to get me going and inspire me to make time to make photos.

What I’m really looking for are assignments, and I found a few. Outdoor Photographer has an assignment section, the current one being Snow & Ice with a deadline of January 25th. This is something I’ve just found, and I’m very excited to get involved with this. The New York Institute of Photography Photo Forum also has two assignment sections, one created by the staff and a “Mini Challenge” section created by the users. It’s things like these that get me going when I’m in a photographic slump, which describes me well lately.

Hopefully with the help of these things, you’ll be seeing more photographs around here soon.

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