Contraceptives for Deer?

The Asbury Park Press recently wrote an article about the use of GonaCon, which is a drug that is supposed to prevent does, along with other animals, from becoming pregnant.

This sounds like a good idea on the surface. New Jersey has a ‘problem’ with deer, we have been expanding into their habitat, so now there are too many. My concern with deer is that they carry deer ticks, which are believed to transmit Lyme’s disease. The larger the population of deer, the larger the population of deer ticks. In turn, this increases my chances of getting bit by a deer tick carrying Lyme’s disease.

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We’re too white?

A recent e-mail from the Sierra Club irked me, I’m on there mailing list for the newsletter. Apparently the EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called for greater diversity in the environmental movement while speaking to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council two weeks ago. That is all well and good I suppose, we want everyone involved right? But why do we have to bring up the issue of race? I don’t understand why there is such a focus on the color of skin, is it because we have a black president now? I have no issue with the color of Obama’s skin. I like him better than Bush, who, as we all know, was white. It just confuses me, if we want racism to go away, maybe we should stop stoking the fire? I’m not saying we should ignore any problems, if there are racist actions they should be stopped, but there is no need for continuous reminders that there are people with different color skin.

I wonder how people who are not white and recieved this e-mail feel about it? Isn’t it kind of exclusionary?

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